Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Different Storage Solutions for the Bedroom

Whether you live on your own or share a bedroom with your partner, you will most likely have a lot of things to store in your bedroom. It’s not just room for all your clothes but you will probably use the room as an area to store other things as well. Here is a look at different storage options you can consider for your master or guest bedroom.

Under the Bed
If you don’t have a block divan bed then under it is a great place to store things. Depending on what you want to store you could just shove things right under it or if its smaller items your storing you can get boxes. There are all kinds of storage boxes you could use such as old cardboard boxes, buy some plastic ones or for real ease of access you can get boxes on wheels so you can get them out from under the bed easily.

The wardrobe is the classic storage solution for every bedroom. It can be used for just hanging clothes or could also have shelving space for storing other kinds of items. Don’t forget to utilise the space on top of the wardrobe too if you need to stack any boxes. The only negative with this type of wardrobe is that it can stick out quite far if you don’t have an alcove.

Sliding Door Wardrobe
Sliding wardrobes are a great solution because they fit into your wall and offer lots of storage space hidden from view. The size of the wardrobe is only limited by the size of your bedroom and most companies offer a range of different interiors inside the wardrobe so you can fit everything you need to inside it easily.

Now this storage solution isn’t necessarily for clothes but all those other bedroom items such as jewellery, perfumes and other trinkets. Put up a shelf above a dressing table and you have a simple storage space to keep your table free but everything close to hand.

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