Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Installing a Sliding Door Wardrobe

Right then that’s it, my sliding wardrobe is now in place and I’ve finally got the storage system that I needed. With my new wardrobe in place I finally have somewhere to keep all my clothes and other bits. Not only are they now stored away and in place but I always have somewhere to hide all my clutter and other bits.

Since the aim of this blog is to share some knowledge about home improvement and storage solutions I thought I’d share with you an insight into the installation of wardrobes with sliding doors.
  • Fit the end or strike panels depending on which you have
  • For end panels you will need to cut between the floor and ceiling and scribe over skirting board.
  • Strike panels fit from the floor to ceiling and need to have a bit cut out for the skirting board as required
  •  The top and bottom tracks that the wardrobe doors run across need trimming to your required length
  •  Install the doors, starting with the rear door first
  • Fit the front door in, starting by placing the wheels into the bottom track

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