Friday, 1 June 2012

My Favourite Items of the House: Den

The den is a spare downstairs room that is used for relaxing. Apparently if it has one chair and more than three books its officially known as a library*, but in this post I’ll stick to calling it the den. The den is where you relax, chill out and do what you like doing. It may have a computer for working, a video game console, books and hopefully a big squishy bean bag chair to chill out on. Since I like video games I’m going to need somewhere to store my consoles and games so that’s why the most important item in the den is a decent entertainment unit.

This unit has plenty of room for the TV, consoles, controllers, games and accessories and still looks like a clasy item of furniture. Might try to find one with sliding doors on though to keep things dust-free.

*may not be totally true.

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