Monday, 2 July 2012

Great Storage Solution Tips

As you may have read my storage solutions have been solved but if you are finding yourself in a pickle with where to place things then maybe these helpful tips will come in handy. Some involve buying new items, some involve just be a bit more savvy with the space you have but all will help you in creating some storage space for all kinds of bits. While these are more tailored to the bedroom, they could be used in different rooms where you need more space.
  1. Under your bed is a great storage location for large items such as suitcases or spare duvets or you can get boxes to store items you don’t use regularly
  2. Have a multi-purpose table that you can use the top of to place clocks and jewellery items and the drawers to store other out-of-sight items.
  3. Just like real estate, if you can’t go out then go up. Use tall bookcases and units if you have limited floor space.
  4. A chest at the end of your bed not only adds another seating place but can also be used to store things inside.
  5. A floor to ceiling wardrobe will help you make the most of your room space with plenty of wardrobe space. If room is limited then sliding doors from Doors Direct means you don’t have to worry about doors opening outwards
  6. Inside the wardrobe, use small compartments for gloves, scarves and socks and have a shoe rack at the bottom to house all your footwear.
  7. If you have a long wooden headboard then place items like clocks, phone, and keys on the top instead of needing room elsewhere
  8. Wall cabinets and shelves provide extra space to store things and also make great decoration.

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