Monday, 16 July 2012

Next Summer Clothes Sale

It was the Next summer sale over the weekend and it is one of the biggest events on clothes shoppers calendars.  Next only ever have the big sale in the summer and in the New Year. It’s a 50% or more off sale as well so there are plenty of bargains to be had.

The stores open at 5 in the morning so to get the best bargains you have to be there nice and early if you want your wardrobe interiors packed full of great Next bargains. There is an online and in store offer but to get the best bargains you have to be there early. Queues start from 3 in morning as people want the best positions to go through the womens, mens and kids clothing as well as homeware. The sale is still online so have a look at some items that are still left on the site.

As for my wardrobe, have a look what I’m going to be filling my sliding door wardrobe with:
  • 2x Suites
  • 4x Shirts
  • 1x Woollen jumper
  • 2x Chinos
  • 3x Shorts
  • 2x Belts (one brown, one black)
  • 1x Coat

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