Monday, 6 August 2012

Different Wood For Different Homes

One of the key areas to any home is the ability to store items either out of reach or in a presentable and attractive way. The majority of storage solutions are in the form of bookcases, shelves and cupboards.  The shelving units can be made from plastic, glass or wood.

Different rooms obviously have different decors and a set of plastic shelves in a home office, will not look as stylish in a living room or bedroom. If you have the space, then wall-hung shelves can create a stylish and practical way to store books, ornaments or other living room items. These shelves can be fitted into alcoves, corners or on an entire length of wall.  

There are several materials used in shelving, so whatever your need, there will be a shelf to suit;
  • Solid wood - softwood usually contains knots, but some wood like Parana pine is generally knot-free, attractive in colouring and can be sought in wide boards. Hardwoods, such as oak, ash, beech can be purchased at timber yards but do the cost of hardwood their use is often for furniture or special features, rather than shelving.
  • Block Board is a relatively expensive stable man-made board that is constructed from stripes of softwood glued and then sandwiched between two layers of plywood-grade veneer.
  • Plywood is built from veneers. The grain alternates at right angles to provide strength and stability.
  • Chipboard -  This is the cheapest man-made board that is frequently used for the core of manufactured shelving planks. 
 These are just some of the popular choices in wood that can be found in the home.

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