Monday, 20 August 2012

Why Ordering Samples Is Important

One of the other key areas to storage solutions is choosing the correct colour scheme to match your home. Thankfully I have not had to rely on my memory and the fact that certain a colour “looks a bit like this”. Although I have used my decorating clothes as a personal colour chart before!! The benefit of ordering samples is great.

If you are ordering online, this becomes even more important, if not essential. The colour you see on the screen or a print out, is often not the same colour that will be delivered. If you have ordered several pots or paint or a pallet load of bathroom tiles and they do not match then costs really can mount up when it comes to sending them back, or trying to get a replacement. 

Paint Samples
Paint is one of the easiest samples to obtain as not only can you get a wide range of colours and brochures, you can also get samples which prove valuable. The key is to choose a sample and place this onto the walls if possible so you can see what the colour looks like. If this not possible (living rooms with blobs of paint can be off putting) try painting the colour onto a plain sheet of white paper and placing that on the wall. 

Look at the room in different lights and different times of the day, depending on where the sun shines through. This can make a difference to the room and a wall that was once light, may look different when the sun goes down.

Furniture Samples
If you are making a purchase online of a wardrobe or any storage solution, be sure to check that the colours of both the exterior and interior match the existing colour schemes. These are bulky items and need to be right. Samples can be obtained from visiting the showroom or display area, or requesting some samples online. 

Carpet and Flooring Samples
This is definitely one to get right and order some samples. The range and design of tiles can be overwhelming and you do not know what will work in your home without visiting a showroom or ordering tiles and flooring online. A lot of online retailers understand the complexities of choosing flooring and will be able to send samples for a small charge. This can be recouped when purchasing a batch, but it is worth checking whether to visit a store or shop online.

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